Document Management Incorporated's all-inclusive collateral portfolio management and title lien perfection outsourcing solutions allow you to redirect valuable time, personnel, space and resources to your core business functions. DMI is the partner you can trust to ensure your security interests have been accurately recorded and your valuable documents are stored in a safe, climate controlled, fire proof environment in DMI's Vital Information Management Center.

When it comes to vehicle title lien security and title collateral management, don't take unnecessary risks...

Choose DMI

100% accurate lien recording

DMI will verify each vehicle certificate of title to ensure your lien is correctly recorded.

Never pay for a lost title.

Your titles and associated documents are fully protected in the safest and most secure environment possible. DMI's extensive process design and due diligence has resulted in a title management success rate that currently exceeds 99.999%.

Labor and other associated expenses are re-directed

DMI's full service outsource solution encompasses the entire vehicle title process, from title lien security at close of loan through title release at loan satisfaction. By choosing DMI you can re-direct resources and eliminate associated expenses thereby realizing greater profitability.

Protect your assets and eliminate risks.

DMI can track borrower vehicle insurance status and notify you prior to expiration.