Document Management Incorporated (DMI) can help you assist your clients with nationwide vehicle title/registration compliance, title lien perfection and title collateral management. DMI has the knowledge and expertise necessary to turn a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) transaction filled with complex requirements into an efficient and seamless process.

If you represent clients with vehicle assets needing lien perfection and/or registration compliance

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  • Protect your client's interests.

    DMI verifies that the security interest in each vehicle asset has been correctly recorded, thereby helping to protect your client from potential loss.

  • Eliminate delays in filing.

    DMI has established relationships with local remitters who specialize in expediting turn-around and minimizing rejections through over the counter delivery to most jurisdictions.

  • Project manage your vehicle asset transaction deals.

    DMI manages your deal as a project; identifying, tracking and completing all the tasks necessary with experienced, well trained titling professionals.

  • Keep abreast of constantly changing state motor vehicle requirements.

    No need for you to have knowledge of the complexities associated with vehicle title and registration compliance. DMI maintains a state-of-the art knowledge base system that is current with the latest DMV requirements in all jurisdictions nationwide.

  • Prepare all title and registration applications/forms.

    DMI collects, prepares and submits state approved forms and applications and can sign all documents with the appropriate power of attorney.

  • Act as collateral agent.

    DMI can house, manage and help your client keep track of their title and associated documents portfolio in our Vital Information Management Center.